Champions crowned at Emo Speedway

Motion and emotion were the buzzwords Saturday night as the official racing season at the Emo Speedway took the checkered flag.
Kenny Perry of Fort Frances, who had trailed Kyle Ridlon of Aurora, Man. by eight points entering into action Saturday, hit the line first in the mini-sprint feature just ahead of Ridlon.
But Ridlon’s second-place finish, combined with another runner-up placing in the earlier heat race, was enough to give him the season’s points championship.
Meanwhile, the action heated up in the Street stock division as Devlin’s Ron Westover took the checkered flag in the feature race to clinch the overall title.
With four laps to go, Denny Trimble got his bumper tied up in the back of fellow Devlin racer Bill Witherspoon’s car, forcing a yellow caution flag.
Jeff Wickstrom of International Falls, running in second place at the time of the caution, felt Westover had caused the entanglement and was incensed when track officials refused to send him to the back of the field.
Westover exploded off the line on the re-start to win by two seconds over Wickstrom, with Emo’s Anthony Visser taking third.
The Modified division also had its share of high drama Saturday night even with Gavin Paull of Fort Frances already having wrapped up the overall points title.
Dwayne Pihulak of Fort Frances had the lead halfway through the feature race when Steve Arpin, also of Fort Frances, tried an inside pass coming off Turn 2.
Arpin tapped Pihulak during the charge to the front, and in an effort to retake the lead on Turn 3, Pihulak skidded sideways off the track and over the outer embankment.
He managed to return to the track during the caution laps, but became engaged in a heated argument with track president Dave Allen at the start line, accusing Arpin of causing his accident.
After a lengthy exchange, Allen black-flagged Pihulak to signal his disqualification from the race, which led to another verbal confrontation before Pihulak finally headed to the pit area.
Arpin’s adventure continued when, on lap eight of 12 in the race, he collided with an infield boundary tire that driver Kyle Gavel of Fort Frances unintentionally dragged onto the track with the front of his car.
A tire change during the caution left Arpin to retreat to the back of the pack. But charging through the group ahead in scintillating fashion, he regained the lead from Dryden’s Vic Larson as the two entered the final lap and sailed to the victory.
The Speedway next will host a fun night of racing Sept. 21 beginning at 7 p.m.
< *c>Sept. 7 results
< *c>Mini-Sprints
•Heat #1—1. Clay Sorteborg (#75) 2. Kyle Ridlon (#15) 3. Mark Brazier (#96) 4. Kenny Perry (#77) 5. Steve Ridlon (#7R)
•Feature—1. Kenny Perry 2. Kyle Ridlon 3. Clay Sorteborg 4. Steve Ridlon 5. Mark Brazier
< *c>Modifieds
•Heat #1—1. Jake Kamm (#88) 2. Len Allen (#4A) 3. Bill Reimer (#18) 4. Phil Gavel (#55) 5. Rob Ranttalo (#15)
•Heat #2—1. Steve Arpin (#00) 2. Dwayne Pelepetz (#12) 3. Gary Labine (#L4) 4. Kyle Gavel (#22) 5. Vic Larson (#91)
•Feature—1. Steve Arpin 2. Dwayne Pelepetz 3. Vic Larson 4. Gary Labine 5. Kyle Gavel 6. Phil Gavel 7. Jake Kamm 8. Bill Reimer
< *c>Streets
•Heat #1—1. Darien Trimble (#72) 2. Thomas Neimi (#29) 3. Hays Huddleston (#8) 4. Rob Greenwaldt (#77) 5. Dirk Crans (#40)
•Heat #2—1. Zach Hasbargen (#4) 2. Anthony Visser (#11) 3. John Bosma (#21B) 4. Simon Crans (#9) 5. Chris Shine (#18)
•Heat #3—1. Ron Westover (#555) 2. Jeff Wickstrom (#17) 3. Jake Hasbargen (#14) 4. Wes Morriseau (#5) 5. Bill Witherspoon
•Feature—1. Ron Westover 2. Jeff Wickstrom 3. Anthony Visser 4. Wes Morriseau 5. Chris Shine 6. Richard Visser 7. Jake Hasbargen 8. Zach Hasbargen