Bowlers advance to provincials


Three bowlers from Plaza Lanes here have advanced to the provincial roll-offs after qualifying at the zone round of the annual pins over average (P.O.A.) competition over the weekend in Dryden.
Cody Brown of Fort Frances made the Sunset Country #1 team after finishing second among the 24 men who competed at the zone level.
He wound up at +175 over his 191 entry average after rolling scores of 294, 255, 139, 172, and 270 over the five-game showdown.
Kyle Hamilton of Balmertown led the way by finishing at +209 above his 184 entry average (214, 324, 159, 209, and 223).
Rounding out Sunset Country #1 are Jessica Scott of Kenora and Kailee Ernewein of Dryden, who finished first and second, respectively, among the 21 female entries.
Scott topped the field by finishing at +248 above her 173 entry average with games of 175, 200, 195, 295, and 248.
Ernewein wound up at +232 above her 153 entry average (212, 245, 203, 159, and 178).
June McNally and Nancy Noonan of Fort Frances, meanwhile, qualified for the Sunset Country #2 team after finishing third and fourth, respectively, among the women.
McNally finished at +108 above her 134 entry average (189, 184, 138, 126, and 141) while Noonan was at +104 above her 161 entry average (196, 207, 173, 192, and 141).
Rounding out Sunset Country #2 are Bill Luchka and Ralph Potter of Dryden, who finished third and fourth, respectively, among the men.
Luchka finished at +114 above his 193 entry average (211, 226, 233, 225, and 184) while Potter was at +89 above his 182 average (199, 177, 208, 167, and 248).
The provincial round is slated for Feb. 22-24 in North Bay against the two teams from the five other zones that make up Northern Ontario.
They include Thunder Bay, Gold Belt (Timmins), Cambrian North and Nickel District (Sudbury), and Gateway (North Bay).
Other Plaza Lanes bowlers who competed at the zone round in Dryden included Mike Cox of Atikokan, who finished in seventh place among the men at +81 above his 202 entry average (218, 221, 242, 190, and 220).
Mike Gervais of Fort Frances wound up in ninth place at +61 above his 151 entry average (170, 155, 195, 138, and 158) while Rick Stamarski of here was 10th at +55 above his 178 entry average (170, 181, 201, 137, and 256).
Rich Walton of here finished in 18th place at minus-44 below his 180 entry average (159, 192, 144, 166, and 195), with Len Noonan of Fort Frances finishing in 23rd place at minus-125 below his 188 entry average (225, 156, 131, 121, and 182).
In the women’s division, Kathy Bois of Fort Frances finished in 19th place at minus-129 below her entry average of 188 (151, 143, 143, 217, and 157).
And Toni Benning of here was 21st at minus-164 below her entry average of 218 (134, 150, 206, 222, and 214).
Youth bowlers
In related news, three local youth bowlers are competing in the provincial round of the annual “Youth Challenge” this coming Saturday (Dec. 2) in Thunder Bay.
Cole Trimble is a member of the Sunset Country men’s team after finishing fifth among the boys with an 892 total (140, 186, 229, 159, and 178) for the five-game zone roll-off held late last month in Dryden.
Daniel Blake of Kenora topped the nine male bowlers with a 1,116 total for the five games.
Rounding out the men’s team are Dryden bowlers Nick Miner (927), Marcel Boyer (922), and Walker Hazlewood (910).
Asyia Shields, meanwhile, topped the five females bowlers with a 956 total (173, 163, 205, 242, and 173).
Rounding out the Sunset Country women’s team are Dryden bowlers Rowan Brownlee (801), Alyssa Hazlewood (791), and Asiah Wesley (739), along with Kenora bowler Aireal Oldford (572).
Finally, Jonelle Haas of here qualified for the Sunset Country mixed team after a special roll-off was held in Fort Frances and Dryden because there wasn’t enough female entries initially to fill the five-person squad.
Haas wound up with a 840 total after games of 173, 180, 169, 139, and 179.
Also making up the mixed team are David Ehmann-Lira of Kenora (854), along with Dryden bowlers Jacob Paterson (739), Seth Carter (715), and Angel Braden (682).
The three coaches are Terry Delaronde of Dryden (men’s), Sharon Troilo of Kenora (women’s), and Caitlyn Townson of Fort Frances (mixed).
Jenn Rollins of Dryden is serving as the contingent manager this year.