Borderland Judo looks forward to a good year

Elisa Nguyen
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Sensei Gord Witherspoon from Borderland Judo gave an update on this year’s new season which has just welcomed 32 registered juniors.

“We had to put a cap on the number for the junior class,” he said. “The coloured belts are shaking the rust off and the white belts are learning that judo isn’t very easy.”

Witherspoon and Sensei Randy Ball say they are both looking forward to a good year.

“We have a great group of kids,” Witherspoon said. “We plan on hitting a few more tournaments than last year now that we’ve had more time to better prepare our fighters.”

Classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm at the Robert Moore gym. Witherspoon welcomes all people to come out to watch the practices to show the juniors support and celebrate the art of judo.