Aquanauts clock best times in Atikokan

Aquanaut swimmers continued to improve their times as they prepare for the Division III team championships later this month in Etobicoke.
Eight swimmers made the trip to Atikokan last weekend, with several achieving personal best times in most of their races.
“Our swimmers swam great,” assistant coach Karl Gunderson enthused yesterday morning. “We had a lot of best times. They all had best times, and most of them had four out of six or five out of six.”
Jeff Plumridge, Brendan Cumming, Alyssa Holiday, Heather Dutton, Ashleigh Dutton, Tim Green, Jamie Beadow, and Alex Parent all competed in Atikokan.
Gunderson said Heather Dutton and Green both competed in longer races at Atikokan, which will help them at future meets.
“It will help them because they don’t often swim the longer events because they haven’t had the opportunity,” added Gunderson, who became an assistant coach with the Aquanauts back in February.
“They were swimming 16 laps instead of four, which will help them with their stamina when they go back to racing the shorter races.”
Aquanaut head coach Debbie Murray echoed Gunderson’s evaluation of the meet, saying it was a “really good” one for the kids, especially those who had the chance to swim longer races.
Their next meet will be a one-day competition April 18 in Kenora. About 12-15 Aquanauts will make the trip for that one.
After that, the Aquanauts will be sending two dozen swimmers to the Division III championships in Etobicoke.