An update on Muskie Boys Senior Basketball with Coach Tyson Grinsell

Record: 6-1

Q: How has the season gone so far?

A: Our season is going really well so far. We are undefeated in our NorWOSSA League with a 6 – 1 record. We also did well in our Tournament in Thunder Bay, winning the consolation final. The Sr. Boys play well as a team and are able to adapt to different situations depending how games are going.

Q: Are there any players whose performance has stood out to you this season so far?

A: I’ve been impressed with everyone. One nice thing about this team is that everyone is able to contribute. We always have a good point spread with most players on the team being able to score baskets. We have multiple shooters that are able to shoot threes, and also have strong forwards that are able to drive the net and fight for rebounds.

Q: How has it been to travel and get more play this year outside of the regular NORWOSSA schedule?

A: This season has been more exciting than last year because the student athletes have been able to attend tournaments and also know that there is an opportunity to go to NWOSSAA if we win NorWOSSA. Attendance at practices has been good for the entire season and the guys are motivated to finish strong.

Q: What are some of the challenges the team has faced this year?

A: Having a rookie coach. This is my first time coaching Sr. Boys Basketball. I’ve coached Jr. Boys Basketball for a number of years but it’s a completely different game. Shout out to Ian Jodoin and Cole Kowalski for helping coach and the team for being adaptable and working hard.

Q: What are your hopes as the team goes into the last part of this year’s NORWOSSA schedule?

A: With us only having one loss, we are hoping that we can win NorWOSSA and travel to Thunder Bay to participate in NWOSSAA. We just have to stay focused and continue to play well in our last few league games.