Above-average year for fire activity

Press Release

Oct. 31 marked the official end of the 2018 fire season in Ontario.
In a year marked by large, problematic forest fires burning relatively close to populations, properties, and major travel corridors in the province’s Northeast Region, a busy albeit less visible fire season unfolded in the more remote corners of the Northwest Region.
The Northwest Region accounted for 839 of the provincial total of 1,325 fires, easily outstripping the 10-year average for all fires across the province (756).
This region also saw 213,695 hectares consumed, or 77 percent of the total hectares affected by wildland fire in the province (276,356).
In Fort Frances District, there were 76 fires in total, covering 2,900 hectares.
A fire of note was Fort Frances Fire #24 which burned under observation in Quetico Provincial Park from July 29-Oct. 9, affecting 2,810 hectares and causing backcountry travel restrictions in the park.
The province’s largest blaze, Nipigon Fire #30, established itself east of the community of Nibinamik–eventually growing to 32,850.5 hectares in size.
It also was another year of significant forest fire activity in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, which saw more than 40 fires burn some 51,000 hectares.