’52 Canadians Arena to re-open Monday

Despite more construction over the next couple of weeks, including some extra costs coming out of the project’s contingency fund, the ’52 Canadians Arena at the Memorial Sports Centre will re-open Monday.
“We have to. Minor hockey is going to be here,” Community Services manager George Bell said Tuesday.
“The work won’t be finished. I guess they’re going to have to work around us,” he added.
Bell noted the renovations, which now total more than $700,000, have seen a few setbacks, including $44,921 in contingency costs.
“Every project has contingency costs. You take out a wall and you don’t know what you’ll find,” he remarked, noting such contingencies include a fire wall at the back of the arena, taps to fill water bottles in the restrooms, and electrical plugs and a urinal for the Borderland Thunder’s dressing room.
The project had a contingency fund of $40,000, said Bell, so the balance will have to come out of the Community Services reserve.
The project has included substantial work on the arena floor, replacing arena boards, higher glass, a walking track, four new dressing rooms for players and one for officials, and up-to-date heating and ventilation systems in the change rooms and pool area, among others.
Several councillors said at Monday night’s council meeting that the renovations have turned out well.
“It’s really a neat project,” said Con. Struchan Gilson. “The lighting’s phenomenal. The dressing rooms all have been redone.”
“All councillors should avail themselves a tour. There’s interesting changes,” echoed Coun. Dave Bourgeault.
Work on the ’52 Canadians Arena, which began in June, was expected to be finished Sept. 15. But Bell said it now looks like it will be a couple of more weeks yet.
The renovations are being funded equally by the town, the province, and the federal government.