Yuk-Sem Won – New Democratic Party

My name is Yuk-Sem Won, and I am the NDP Federal Candidate for Thunder Bay-Rainy River in this election. You may remember me from my campaign in 2019, when I introduced myself to the region just two short summers ago!  I grew up in Hearst, a small northern community of 5000 people.  I came to Thunder Bay to Lakehead University to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Education, and have raised my family here for over 20 years.  I am a previous teacher in public school, a professor at Confederation College in Human Resources, a labour litigator, and community leader (not to mention a professional artist with a volunteer community television program, “Painting with Yuk-Sem” that went national during the pandemic!).  My work has always focused on helping people thrive and build communities that stay vibrant for future generations.

We have all spent the last two years staying safe not only for ourselves, but for our neighbours and communities during the pandemic.  It is so nice to be able to start waking up and seeing our friends and family, getting businesses back running, and to look forward to getting things back to some kind of normal. Then, on August 15, 2021, the Liberal Party dissolved the government instead of going back to work for the next two years when the next election was scheduled to be.  No one believes that this election was more important than taking care of Canadians in the recovery. This was the last thing on anyone’s mind, yet here we are.  It is a clear action that shows the Liberal priority is power and control instead of getting back to the important work of helping people and focusing on the recovery of our economy.

The NDP have always put people first.  I am proud to continue the good work of the NDP in the North by Howard Hampton and John Rafferty.  I am the next generation of NDP, continuing our priority of making sure people and communities are at the heart of all that we do.  We all know that the families in the communities are what built Northern Ontario, and what keep it strong.  The NDP are focused on policies that take care of Canadians like improved healthcare, access to public services, investment in small business, affordable housing, and of course, meaningful Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

You deserve a representative that is dedicated and present, willing to put in the time and energy to be with you for the next four years.  I spent over half of my campaign in 2019 travelling over the 40,000 square kilometers of the Riding, visiting every community and meeting all the people I could.  I am still here, determined as ever, to show that I am the right person for the job. The North is all about heart and perseverance, and I have an abundance of both!  It is my privilege to continue that work again now, and with your support, for the next four years as your Member of Parliament.  Merci, Thank you Miigwetch