Winter carnival a hit

The 24th Nestor Falls Winter Carnival went off without a hitch last weekend, with lots of activities, tons of prizes, and beautiful weather.
“It went really well,” said Howard Dodd, who worked on promotions for the carnival. “I think the good weather really helped us out, too.
The fishing tournament went well and those who participated in the scavenger hunt had a really great time,” he added.
Starting with a community hotdog cookout and cribbage tournament on Friday, the festivities continued Saturday with the ever-popular fishing tournament, a scavenger hunt, children’s games, a poker derby, and dance.
Activities then wrapped up Sunday with a pancake breakfast and ball hockey tournament.
“We served over 80 people at the pancake breakfast,” enthused Dodd. “It went very smoothly.”
He also added the scavenger hunt, which was a new event this year, went over well with eight teams participating.
“It was tough,” he admitted, noting contestants were trying to locate seven obscure items, such as a manufactured snack food that doesn’t contain salt and an ad for a used Corvette—red or black.
Teams also could gain bonus points for wearing a sombrero, a black cowboy hat, an orange or yellow lifejacket, white Sorel boots, a pair of funky sunglasses, and underwear on the outside of their pants.
“We hope for more participation next year,” Dodd added.
There also was a poster contest for students at Nestor Falls School, with the Nestor Falls recreation committee keeping three of the posters to be considered as the logo for next year’s 25th winter carnival.
The three students—Alexis Hampe, Ryan Goertzen, and Samantha Brown—will receive a special cash prize from the rec committee for their efforts.
“For the 25th carnival next year, we’re really going to do it up big time,” vowed Dodd. “There’s been talk of giving away a really big grand prize.
“We’re going to do our very best on everything next year,” he pledged.
Many spot prizes also were given away over the weekend, as well as many goodies for the activity winners.
“We really need to thanks all those businesses that donated prizes, from Sioux Narrows to Fort Frances,” said Dodd. “We couldn’t have done it without you.”
The winners of the various activities are as follows:
< *c>Ice fishing tournament
•Northern—1. Kasey Crawford 2. Kasey Crawford 3. Gary Tolen
•Walleye—1. Wayne Holmstead 2. Merlin Sandy 3. Wayne Swenson
•Lake trout—1. Ryan O’Donell 2. Todd Halvorsen 3. Matt Hrychuk
•Crappie—1. Isaiah Collins 2. Merlin Sandy 3. Travis Smith
< *c>Cribbage tournament
1. Clancy Kelly and Brian Paul
2. Clary Mackinson and Wayne Helliar
3. Clyde and Veronica Hammond
< *c>Poker derby
1. April Rose (full house)
2. Erin Pollard (straight: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
3. Sue McFayden (straight: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
< *c>Scavenger hunt
•Holly’s Follies (Sharon Kroplin, Diane Halvorson, Sue McFayden, and April Rose)–winners
< *c>Poster contest
•Grades 6-8—1. Ryan Goertzen 2. Nicole Brown 3. Samantha Brown
•Grades 4-5—1. Kayla Morrison 2. Alexis Hampe 3. Emily Brown
•Grades 2-3—1. Faith Pollard 2. Andrew Jack 3. Scotty Cottam
•Grades JK-1—1. Kaitlynn Lougheed 2. Parker Johnson 3. Missy Hammond
< *c>Ball hockey tournament
•Scott Lundry’s team (including Shane Pope and Larry Easton)
< *c>Grand prize
1. Todd Lougheed (satellite radio system)
2. Paul Morrison (smoker/cooker)