What are your thoughts on the Canada/U.S. border being closed to non-essential travel?

James Brown

“I don’t feel it makes any difference, really. We have everything we need to shop here in Canada at the time, so. To me it makes no difference whether it’s open or closed. I only cross, really, to go to movies and things like that, so. Right now, it doesn’t really make a big difference at all, I don’t think.”

Jane Quirie

“I think we need to do whatever we need to, to protect our community and the people of Canada. I think it’s an hour by hour thing that our government has to look at and personally I wouldn’t wan to be in any of their shoes. But I think they’re doing a good job with what is coming.”

Ted Brockie

“As a person who has always lived on the border, I guess I’m used to that freedom. But it is open for medical travel. In my case, I have to see my eye surgeon in International Falls on Tuesday and I’ve got a print-out from him saying that I’m wanting to cross for medical reasons. So, I’m not being impacted for stuff that really matters. For those who are buying gasoline less expensively and getting certain kinds of exotic groceries then I guess that’s tough for them. But to me, that’s not essential travel and this is a tough time for all of us.”