Website helps find homes for animals

Peggy Revell

With years under their belts helping animals find loving homes, the Friends of Animals have created the “Lady Luck Safe Haven” website to continue offering this service to the community.
“The name ‘Lady Luck’ comes from the name of a cat who we had for 22 years, and died in 2007,” noted Mike Pearson, who sits on the board of directors for Friends of Animals.
He explained this was an outside cat for four years, and refused to come inside one of the Friends of Animals director’s homes until one really cold winter night.
The cat then was with them for the next 17 years until passing away.
This is why the group changed it so their “web-based” shelter is named after her, Pearson said, while the rest of the organization remains known as the “Friends of Animals.”
The website—located at—is kept up to date with all the animals which the organization is hoping to find homes for, noted Friends of Animals board of director Sherin Hagen, stressing they’re still a shelter-less rescue organization and depend solely on foster homes for any animals which come their way.
Most recently, their work included finding homes for 26 puppies.
Eighteen of these were huskies from two litters while the others were dogs found within a landfill site, noted Hagen.
She said they were able to find new homes for these dogs as far away as Dryden, Sioux Lookout, and Ignace.
They have a lot of support, Hagen added, working alongside the Borderland Humane Society in International Falls, Second Chance Pet Shelter in Dryden, and Golden Paws in Red Lake, as well as many other contacts, to ensure these animals find homes.
A real “problem” in the area is cats, though, said Pearson.
“There are actually hundreds of cats that are living in the wild and people are feeding them,” he remarked, noting one of the things Friends of Animals has helped out with is building little houses for these cats so they have some sort of shelter in the bad weather.
Pearson said that out of 10 calls, half usually are to help people find their lost pets.
“We try to help out as much as we can,” he stressed.
Most recently, they were able to locate and return a dog from International Falls which had made its way over to the Canadian side of the border.
But with all the work they do, the organization always is in need of more help.
“We’re looking for volunteers,” said Hagen. “Something we’re really looking for are people who would be able to foster even for a week at a time.”
Even being able to help transport animals would be of assistance,” she added.