Washouts close highway

From the MTO

The motoring public is advised there are a number of closures on Highway 11/17 due to heavy rainfall in the Thunder Bay area.
Full or partial washouts have been reported at the following locations:
•Highway 11/17 near Hume Road (deep fill and backfilling is underway);
•Highway 11/17 west of Vibert Road (water is rushing on the road at the SuperCor culvert and crews are waiting

until water level recedes to begin repairs);
•Highway 11/17 east of Twin City Crossroad (water level is over the road, but is receding); and
•Highway 11/17/61/Harbour Expressway intersection (two culvert end sections were uplifted).
For east-west traffic, Highway 102 was operating normally as of press time late this morning.
A number of roads within Local Roads Board (LRB) areas also have been affected:
•Portage Creek Road, at the first bridge (remains closed);
•Laukka Lane at Auto Road (repairs will be underway once water levels recede); and
•Silver Springs Road (being monitored due to rising water levels).
MTO staff and contractors currently are assessing the damage at each location, with repairs underway.
MTO will continue to monitor water levels throughout the area and make necessary repairs.
For the latest info, the public can call 511, the MTO’s Road Information Line, to find out about current highway closures.