Unwanted bikes sought to send to Africa

Duane Hicks

“One bicycle can change a life. One life can change a community. Live to ride.”
A bicycle can mean a whole new life for the men, women, and children of Africa. Yet here in North America, many perfectly good bicycles lie unused.
After rounding up 273 bikes last year, a group of district volunteers once again is collecting unwanted bicycles to send to Africa as part of the “Bicycles for Humanity” project.
Now that it’s spring, the group is asking the public to donate bikes, no matter is they’re new, used, or broken, so they can be loaded up on a trailer and sent away this fall.
To find out where you can drop off bikes near you, contact the following “Bikes for Humanity” volunteers:
•Fort Frances—Val Calder (274-5213), Pat Ash (274-6737), or Marlene Yuill (274-6921);
•Nestor Falls—David Roang (484-2636); and
•Emo, Barwick, and Stratton—Inge Scheibler (487-2237) or Jim and Maxine Scheibler (487-1425).
Currently, there is no drop-off location for used bikes in Rainy River but organizers would love to see one established there.
Anyone interested can contact any of the above participants.
Once collected, the bicycles will be transported to Thunder Bay, where a local “Bicycles for Humanity” chapter will take them apart, fix them up, and then load them into a container to be shipped to Africa.
There, the bikes will be used to help create jobs and provide environmentally-friendly transportation.
“Bicycles for Humanity” first started in September, 2005 with the simple aim of enabling people to raise funds and collect unwanted bicycles to send to reliable partners in developing countries.
In developing countries, “Bicycles for Humanity,” in partnership with organizations in those countries, provides resources and support to make the process accountable and efficient.
It works at the grassroots level to ensure that disadvantaged people are empowered through improved access to food and water, employment, health care, education, and social opportunities.
To learn more about the organization itself, visit www.bicycles-for-humanity.org