Trunk or Treat scheduled for Halloween

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

The Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre is getting ready to host yet another Trunk or Treat on Halloween.

The library will also be accepting candy donations. When a household gives candy to the library, they are given back a sign to put behind their window, directing trick or treaters to the library.

The event that started in 2014 has been a staple for children and parents, even during COVID-19, where Fort Frances residents and organizations like to set up their vehicles and decorate them.

Joan MacLean, Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre CEO, said the library has become the place where Halloween happens every year.

“There’s a lot of really great imaginations around town that people use various kinds of vehicles and disguise it in so many ways,” MacLean said.

Some vehicles like the school bus even provide a walkthrough spooky experience where children board the bus using the front door and leave from the rear one.

There will also be prizes for the best trunk, MacLean said, adding that they are currently in the making using a 3D printer.

“We have the community members bring the candy [to the library]. We then distribute it to the trunks,” MacLean said.

She added that it does not necessarily have to be a car and it does not need to be a trunk. Residents can also bring their own candy or use the candy donated to the library.

“We must have had a million pieces of candy donated in 2019,” MacLean chuckled. “My office was just filled to the brim.”

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the library will neither have a catwalk nor a photo booth.

The library can only have 75 per cent of the parking lot capacity.

“Masks covering the mouth and the nose are absolutely required by the health unit. Physical distancing will be happening,” MacLean said. There will be directional arrows.”

The parking lot should be free of vehicles at 3:30 on Sunday in order to set it up for Halloween.

Individuals or organizations wishing to be part of the trunk or treat can sign up using the library website

“We want people to respect the boundaries,” MacLean said. “It’s a fun event. I think we need to have a fun event. It’s been a long time. If we can all cooperate with the boundaries that we’ve been given, I think we can have a nice successful event.”