Tracey MacKinnon – Green Party

I’m Tracey MacKinnon also known as O Zwa Beenzie Ikwe, Cornwall, Ontario Nindoji, Na’me my Dodem.  Allow me to translate. My Spirit name I was given by a Traditional Medicine Man, Al Hunter is Yellow Thunderbird Woman, I am from Cornwall, Ontario originally. I was adopted 2x, once at 3 months of age, the next time by my Indigenous Sister who is from the Sturgeon Clan & Neskantaga First Nations.

I have lived in Thunder Bay, NWO for over 10 years now. I have lived on both coasts of Canada (my former spouse was Military) & Southern Ontario, Cornwall, Ontario which is an hour South of Ottawa. 

I will answer the age question by saying I will be half Century this Fall.

I have been the Community Cultural Consultant for the Green Party of Canada Thunder Bay – Rainy River District for the last 3 year since the last Federal Election. previous positions I have held are Front Line Support Worker at our local homeless shelter, Program Support Assistant at our local HEP C & HIV organization. I have been a front line cook as well at a local Breakfast & Lunch restaurant.

My family situation is a bit complicated. I am divorced with 4 children,  my Son’s range from the ages of 29 to 21 years of age. I am also a Kokum (Grandmother). My oldest is an Instructor at a Northern College in BC. Another is a Heavy Duty Mechanic. The youngest recently graduated from the Police Foundations Program in Oshawa, Ontario. My other Son, I don’t know his exact whereabouts other than last I knew he was on one of the Gulf Islands in BC, Galiano Island. 

I fully support the Green Party of Canada for many reasons. If elected I pledge to actively support the establishment of a National  Basic Income for All. Basic Income has been in the Green Party Platform for many years. As a former OBIPP recipient, I like many others a crossed the region were devastated when the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project was cancelled.

I am using my “white privilege” to advocate for those who continually fall through the cracks in the various systems set up to help them. Whether it be trying to find a bed for detox, homelessness, poverty, mental health, health, addictions, the injured workers, the youth, the vulnerable populations, the Indian Residential School children who have been found, those yet to be found, those who will never be found, unfortunately. 

I want to bring more Awareness to MMIWGMB, LGBTQQIP2SAA communities & have their VOICES Heard! All those who suffer from oppression, those who live in poverty like me every day. 

Those like me who suffer in silence living with Mental Health & Health challenges on a daily basis. This Pandemic has been hard. We still have boil water Advisories on Reserves. It’s 2021 not 1921. This is Canada, not a third world Country.

“Leadership is ALL about People. It is NOT about organizations. It is NOT about strategies. It is about People. Motivating People to get the job done. You have to be People centered.”  – Wendy Landry, Mayor of Shuniah, NWO.

I am dedicated bringing Awareness to MMIWGMB, as my best friend lost her Daughter, a couple years ago. I am on the planning committee for this years (and last year too) MMIWG Trees of Hope Ceremony to be held at TBPS in Thunder Bay, NWO on November 14, 2021. I have helped Sharon Johnson organize her MMIWG walks in Thunder Bay for years, prior to my friends late Daughter being stolen from her family. I was once a Missing Person myself for 3 years, no one looked for me as I didn’t have family members who cared. I want to show the families of MMIWGMB we do Care. You do Matter. We Love You. We support you.