Town to start phone survey

About 160 local residents will be getting phone calls starting tomorrow to complete a survey regarding citizen satisfaction with the services the town provides.
Town council last night approved the survey, which was drawn up by the strategic planning committee during its planing process over the past year or so.
The survey, which will be conducted at varying times of the day in order to get a wide cross-section of residents, will ask questions such as:
•In your opinion, what is the single most important issue facing Fort Frances today?;
•Thinking of the community of Fort Frances, what are the two or three things you dislike the most?;
•How would you rate town services as they are currently delivered. Do you think the service is poor, fair, good, or very good? (followed by a list of specific town services);
•Within the past year, have you contacted any member of town council?;
•Thinking ahead 10 years from now, would you like to see the Town of Fort Frances to be much the same or quite different than it is now?
“The questionnaire is about 15-20 minutes in length and we would ask everyone’s co-operation by spending time to complete the survey if you are called,” said Community Services manager George Bell.
“We hope to complete approximately 160 surveys, after which the results will be tabulated and presented to council at a regular meeting.
“The results will be used by management and council to assist in the determination of future directions and the setting of priorities,” Bell added.
Also at last night’s meeting, council:
•passed a bylaw to amend the smoking ban in buildings and vehicles under the town’s jurisdiction (this exempts the ban from events that were booked at town facilities, such as the Memorial Sports Centre, prior to July 22);
•approved a request from the local Arthritis Society to proclaim September as Arthritis Month;
•referred a letter from Badiuk Equipment for permission to place a bench on the boulevard in front of the Red Dog Inn to the Oper-ations and Facilities executive committee;
•gave the nod to a request from Jim and Kathy Cuthbertson to look into the sanitary sewer systems and road conditions on Idylwild Drive; and
•passed a bylaw to approve a contract for sanitary sewer rehabilitation with Bay City Contractors Inc. of Thunder Bay.