Town looking to sell several lots

Duane Hicks

The town is moving forward with the disposition of some of its land to be used for residential development.
As per the recommendation of the Planning and Development executive committee, council Monday night authorized and directed that the property known as the “Nelson Street Park” (the empty lot located at Nelson Street and Williams Avenue) be re-zoned from “open space” to Residential 2 (R2), surveyed to produce five residential lots, and declared surplus to the needs of the town for intended disposition.
As well, the property on the corner of Minnie Avenue and Front Street will be rezoned from tourist/commercial (C4) to “open space” to offset the eliminated open space that would result from the conversion of the “Nelson Street Park.”
Council also directed the unopened portion of Holmes Avenue lying south of Riverview Drive, as well as the unopened portion of Elm Avenue lying south of Riverview Drive, both be stopped up and closed, declared surplus, and surveyed as may be necessary to produce residential lots on each.
Municipal planner Faye Flatt told council Monday night that, as per the Planning Act, the re-zoning of the “Nelson Street Park” from open space to R2, and the corner of Minnie Avenue and Front Street from C4 to open space, could not take place without a public meeting being held.
This meeting tentatively will coincide with the Dec. 12 council meeting.
The Committee of Adjustment, meanwhile, will be looking at the re-zoning in the next week in an advisory capacity.
Flatt said anyone with an interest is invited to attend the public meeting slated for Dec. 12 and speak either in opposition to, or in favour of, the intended re-zonings.
In related news, council also directed the town-owned Huffman School property, Lillie Avenue property, and Erin Crescent properties be referred to the Planning and Development executive committee for further evaluation, with input from the Operations and Facilities executive committee.
This further evaluation is necessary “to determine possible financial implications and options for lot layout and other applicable issues,” Flatt wrote in a report approved by council Monday night.
She noted town administration supports the recommendation to declare the above properties surplus, and have them surveyed to produce lots for sale, because “it not only provides the opportunity for the town to produce residential lots without a significant financial outlay or delay, but would also generate revenue that can be used to prepare the remaining three properties [i.e., Huffman, Lillie Avenue, and Erin Crescent] as a self-supporting endeavour without contribution from general taxation.”

Council had initiated the review of town properties as part of its most recent strategic plan.
At a meeting held Oct. 13, it identified the properties to be looked at, and earlier this month the Planning and Development and Operations and Facilities executive committees reviewed them.