Town looking for Citizen and Jr. Citizen of the Year nominations

By Ken Kellar
Staff Writer

The time is now to nominate those individuals in town who help to make it a better place for everyone.

At Monday night’s meeting of town council, councillor Steven Maki urged the people of Fort Frances to bring forward names and nominations for the town’s annual Citizen of the Year and Junior Citizen of the Year awards. While the deadline for nominations isn’t until September, Maki said he wants the people of the town to make it a tough choice for council.

“There’s not many times when we look for hard decisions, but this would be one where we get more applications, nominations, which makes our decision more difficult,” Maki said.

“So I’m putting it out there to the town; let’s get nominations out there for people. If you know anybody that you think is doing a great job, volunteer-wise, in the community, put their name forward and make our job tougher.”

While the town’s Citizen of the Year recognition goes back decades, the Junior Citizen of the Year award is only a few years old at this point, and is given out to a deserving community member who is still under 18 by September 29, this year’s nomination deadline.

Nomination packages for both recognitions are available online at the town’s website or in person at the front desk of the Civic Centre.