Town agrees to water flowers again

The town will do its part in supporting local beautification again this summer.
Council agreed Monday night to a report that stated the town will ensure all flowers adorning the streets thanks to the local Business Improvement Association and Chamber of Commerce will be watered and fertilized throughout the season.
This service will be at a cost of $5,004.94—$813.93 higher than last year due to the fact the Chamber will be putting up 10 more flower baskets than in 2003.
The $5,004.94 will come from the Parks General Account.
While the Chamber was asking for a three-year commitment to water and fertilize the flowers, Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown recommended the town only agree to a one-year deal for now due to its financial position.
The Chamber’s request, however, will be taken into account in the 2005 and 2006 budgets, Brown noted.
The Chamber will be putting up 40 baskets in June that will brighten up the stretch of King’s Highway from the cemetery to Central Avenue, as well as on the 400 block of Scott Street.
As well, 18 planters put out on the traffic islands at Central Avenue.
Meanwhile, the local BIA again will be supplying flower baskets for the 100, 200, and 300 blocks of Scott Street, as well as benches and trash cans.
In other business at Monday’s night’s meeting, council accepted and agreed to pay an invoice from the Rainy River Future Development Corp. for the period from Jan. 1-March 31, 2004 in the amount of $21,233.58.
Council also accepted an invoice for RRFDC services for the period from April 1-Dec. 31, 2004 in the amount of $43,653.75. This is based on a fee of $7 per capita.
Also Monday, council:
•appointed Linda Hamilton, Glenn Witherspoon, and Gord McBride to the new Public Transportation Advisory sub-committee of the Traffic Safety Committee;
•approved a report from the Administration and Finance executive committee recommending the town provide a financial contribution to the “chem-free” grad party in the amount of $799 (this is considered a council public relations expense to be used towards the rental of the Memorial Sports Centre);
•approved a report to authorize the preparation of a bylaw to deem Lots 39 and 40 on Plan of Subdivision 48M-368 to not be lots on a registered Plan of Subdivision for the purposes of Section 50(3) of the Planning Act (this is in relation to a home being built at 820 Kaitlyn Dr.);
•agreed to support a request from the Township of Atikokan regarding seeing an study done on Northwestern Ontario’s electricity supply (this is in relation to the closure of five coal-fired stations in Ontario, including two in Northwestern Ontario);
•supported a resolution from the Township of Terrace Bay for the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre to rectify its current admission policy and accept patients from outside Thunder Bay;
•refused to support a resolution from the City of Kawartha Lakes regarding the disallowing the disconnection of electricity in the winter by Hydro One; and
•accepted the January and February, 2004 drinking water systems monthly summary reports (neither of these showed anything unusual).