Third COVID doses and flu shots now available for some

Press release

Third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are available to eligible people in Ontario. Currently, anyone living in a retirement home, long-term care home, elder care lodge, and seniors living in other congregate settings (including senior’s apartment buildings) can get a third dose if it has been at least five months since their second dose. In addition, people with certain medical conditions and who are prescribed specific medications are also eligible for a third dose at least two months after their second shot.

“The immune systems of older adults and people with certain medical conditions may not have as strong of a response to the vaccine as younger adults. Due to this waning immunity, a third dose is recommended for these populations to enhance protection against COVID-19,” says Dr. Kit Young Hoon, Medical Officer of Health at Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU).

More information on those who qualify for a third dose can be found in the Third Dose Recommendations document from the Ministry of Health. To learn about how to get a third dose for those who are eligible, please visit NWHU’s Booking a COVID-19 vaccine appointment page and click “third doses” or call 1-866-468-2240.

Those people currently eligible for third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine can also get their influenza (flu) shot at the same time by selecting that option when booking their third dose appointment. Presently, NWHU is not providing the flu vaccine to other groups, however, the public can contact their pharmacy or health care provider to ask about getting a flu shot.