Summer spirits can tarnish your teeth

From the ODA

It’s summertime and that means vacations, socializing and relaxing with family, friends and lots of food and drink.

There has also been a lot of talk recently about easier access to alcohol in corner stores across the province, but it’s important to remember the impact too much alcohol can have on your health–including the damage it can do to your mouth.

The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) has some helpful tips to make sure your smile lasts throughout the summer and for years to come:

Champagne and wine may be divine for some but it’s terrible for your teeth! High sugar and acid content can erode enamel and red wine can also stain your pearly whites.

Beer and ciders can be refreshing but thanks to the carbonation and sugar, it’s a double-hit to your mouth that can cause tooth decay.

Liquor, with or without sugar, can dry the mouth out and that can lead to cavities and bad breath.
Pop, juices and ice can also do damage.

Sugar content is an issue, but even sugar-free pop and soda water has carbonation that can wear down enamel.

Ice cubes can also crack teeth if chewed on.

Moderation is the key to enjoying life’s pleasures and drinking alcohol is no exception.

“One of the best things you can have alongside any alcoholic beverage is water,” said ODA president Dr. Kim Hansen.

“It’ll keep you from over doing it and is also great for protecting your teeth from harm other drinks can cause.”

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