Submissions for Safeway charity streaming in

With the deadline at closing time (11 p.m.) on Friday, local Canada Safeway employees still are asking the public to offer ideas as to which charity would be their best choice to adopt for 2003.
“I was just looking at the suggestions yesterday. We have about eight or nine, but I’m sure we’ll see a few more come in today,” assistant manager Cory Delbridge said Friday morning.
“They’ve just been streaming in the past couple days,” he added.
Any local non-profit organization, including service clubs and charities, are welcome to recommend themselves.
Delbridge said it’s not too late for people to make their suggestions as they can drop them off—marked to the attention of Cory Delbridge—at the Customer Service desk.
“Once they all come in, we’ll put together packages of materials for the staff to look over,” noted Delbridge. “Hopefully, by Saturday [Dec. 7], we’ll have made a decision.”
Delbridge added the public can expect to see the fundraising start very shortly after the charity is chosen, adding it’s likely the store will start selling tickets before Christmas for a raffle where the top prize will be $100 a week in groceries for a year.
The local store has a track record of raising more money for its selected charity with each passing year—and even has a reputation as the top fundraiser among Safeway stores in western Canada.
This past year, Safeway employees—with the help of volunteers from local service clubs—raised $55,123.53 for the “Community Chest.”