Still time to get in on Fort Frances library scavenger hunt

By Ken Kellar
Staff writer

It’s not too late to get in on a town-wide scavenger hunt and a chance to win some prizes before the month is out.

The Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre has been running the All Around Town Scavenger Hunt since Monday, August 16, and even though the end date of August 30 is quickly approaching, event organizers Joelle Bruyere and Hallee Nugent shared that entry forms and completed scavenger hunt lists will be accepted right up until the end.

The process of taking part in the scavenger hunt is simple. Those individuals who want to participate can go to the library and pick up a form, or enter online with a link from the library’s social media pages. Once equipped with the checklist, participants must scour the town looking for participating businesses, where they will be able to attempt ot solve a riddle and mark the answer on their sheet. Then, once all riddles have been answered, the sheet can be returned to the library, and a winner will be chosen based on the number of correct answers, as well as the time the completed sheet was submitted. This system means that everyone has a chance at winning the grand prize, regardless of how long it takes them to complete the hunt.

“It’s all dependent on how accurate [the answer sheet] is,” Nugent confirmed.

“And then if, let’s say two people had the same amount of questions correct, then we would go on whoever came back first.”

The scavenger hunt is aimed at people of all ages, and while the pair were careful to not give any hints that would tip the scales in any teams’ favour, there might be a hidden method to the riddles’ madness.

“Sometimes the riddles may have something to do with a business,” Bruyere teased.

“I don’t want to give too much away.”

“We tried to make it relating to what the business is known for,” Nugent added.

While the hunt has only been open for a week, with less than a week to go, the pair noted there have already been plenty of groups expressing their interest in the hunt, some of whom have already completed their forms. The ages of groups coming in have also been varied, showing that the all-ages event is doing what it’s supposed to and providing a fun activity for anyone in town to take part in. Bruyere and Nugent noted that groups with members into their 70s have registered to participate.

Prizes to be awarded for the scavenger hunt include a rechargeable power toothbrush, gift cards and a “Mystery Prize” being donated from NCDS. There is also the opportunity to win a Dairy Queen gift card for taking a photo during the scavenger hunt, uploading it to social media and tagging the library in the post.

While the summer is quickly winding down, Bruyere and Nugent shared that they dreamt up the idea as a way for families and friends to spend time together having fun.

“Hallee came to me one day and asked if it would be something I would want to help out with,” Bruyere said.

“I just thought it was such an amazing idea and would be really cool.”

“[A former library employee] had done something similar before, but she really made it for kids,” Nugent continued.

“Me being the children’s program coordinator and Joelle being the senior coordinator, we thought it could be something fun for everyone.”

To sign up for the All Around Town Scavenger Hunt, head over to the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre today, or check out their website and social media pages for links to an online registration form.