Special waste day set to go Saturday


It’s that time of year for district residents to get those half-empty paint cans and used-up batteries out of your garage and basement.
This year’s Hazardous and Special Waste Day will take place on Saturday (Sept. 15) from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Public Works yard (900 Wright Ave.)
As in the past, all district residents will be allowed to drop off household hazardous waste there, Operations and Facilities manager Travis Rob told the Times.
Last year’s waste day proved popular as 249 vehicles dropped off loads of paint, oil, anti-freeze, batteries, and other waste that should not go to the local landfill.
A total of 12,501 kg of materials was collected, up slightly from 11,148 kg in 2016, Rob noted.
Miller Environmental Corp. from Winnipeg once again will be accepting a variety of hazardous materials, including:
•paints and stains, and their containers;
•solvents such as thinners for paint, lacquer and contact cement, paint strippers, and degreasers, and their containers;
•used oil filters, waste oil and oil containers;
•single-use, dry cell batteries such as alkaline-manganese, zinc-carbon, lithium, and button cell batteries (e.g., non-rechargeable batteries that are meant to be removed and replaced by the consumer);
•lead acid car batteries;
•nickel cadmium batteries;
•automotive antifreeze (engine coolant) and related containers;
•fertilizers (e.g., plant food or plant nutrients containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium);
•fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides, and their containers;
•fire extinguishers;
•waste aerosols and the containers in which they’re contained;
•ammonia/amine solutions and their containers;
•acids and their containers; and
•bases and their containers.