Skateboard ramp to be here next week

Local skateboard enthusiasts will get chance to rail grind starting next Friday when the town will have a skateboard ramp set up at the Memorial Sports Centre until July 26.
While the setup, provided by a company called Playgrounds R’ Us, will be modest in size, Megan Ross, the town’s physical education director, said it’s a good start to gauge local interest in the sport.
“Eventually, we’d like to get a youth skateboard group together and look into getting something here,” noted Ross, who attended a workshop on skate parks last month in Kenora.
She came back with information on how to raise money for a park, park materials and design, and even some demographics on the pastime.
“It’s actually rising in popularity right now. More and more kids are starting to skateboard rather than play hockey,” said Ross, adding if a committee was formed to establish a skate park, it would most certainly include youth reps.
“There’s no doubt it, we need something like this for the kids,” Community Services manager George Bell had said previously.
The ramp, which will be set up in the Memorial Sports Centre parking lot, is open to the public free of charge.
Mayor Glenn Witherspoon had said the town would like to give local youth a place to be active after school and in the summer—and even pledged to establish a skate park back in 2000.