Sewer system not to blame for flooding

A study by R.J. Burnside and Associates has revealed the town’s sewer system was not to blame for a number of floodings local residents suffered after the storms of July 31, 2001, council learned at its regular meeting here Monday night.
“The purpose of the assignment was to ascertain whether the storm sewer was connected to the sanitary at this time,” consulting engineer Heather MacKenzie told council.
“After our research, there’s no conclusive evidence the storm sewer went into the sanitary sewer,” she added.
The consultants focused mainly on the residential area south of Scott Street, particularly Nelson Street, and part of Shevlin and Williams avenues—where the greatest number of resident experienced flooding after last year’s storms.
The study, undertaken earlier this year, included looking over all existing sewer plans, looking at water flow data from the time of the flooding, and using dyes to track water flow through the sewer.
“There wasn’t one area where the storm sewer hooked into the sanitary sewer?” asked Mayor Glenn Witherspoon.
“No,” reiterated MacKenzie.
Operations and Facilities manager Pat Hickerson said the town will follow the report’s recommendations, which include modelling (mapping out) the sewer system to pinpoint any differences that exist in different parts of town, as well as looking into educating the public on what to do in case of flooding.
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council received a report on a new community improvement plan and an economic development financial incentive plan from municipal planner Faye Flatt.
This preliminary report has been forwarded to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on a pre-consultary basis. When it’s returned with possible changes, it will go to the town’s Economic Development executive committee for approval.
Also Monday, council:
•approved a break-open ticket licence application from the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau at the Makabi Inn;
•referred a request from Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship Inc. for the town to lobby the provincial government for amendments to the Calcutta pool regulations
•approved the Economic Development Advisory Committee’s 2003 capital budget request to go to the annual budget process;
•passed a bylaw to approve a contract to Wardrop Engineering Inc. for engineering services at the Fort Frances landfill;
•passed a bylaw to approve a contract to Finn-Way General Contractors for renovations at the ’52 Canadians Arena;
•passed a bylaw to authorize an agreement with Lakeland Personnel regarding the provision of crossing guards during the 2002-03 school year;
•referred a request for financial support from the Rainy River District Critical Incident Stress Management Team to the Administration and Finance and Community Services executive committees for discussion;
•referred an invitation from Rainy River First Nations to participate in the 2002 “Adopt-A-River” program to the Operations and Facilities executive committee for consideration;
•referred a request to designate a taxi and ambulance parking zone outside Rose Manor to the Operations and Facilities and Planning and Development executive committees for recommendation;
•received a report on renovations at the OPP station here; and
•received a report on the acquisition of water and sewer billing software.