Second OSSTF one-day strike planned for tomorrow


Following a province-wide one-day strike by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation last Wednesday, members of the union will be engaging in another day of action tomorrow.

The strike planned for tomorrow will again be full-withdrawal, and though the strike will not affect every school board in the province, it has been confirmed that the Rainy River District School Board (RRDSB) will be one of the boards to see strike action.

As a result of the planned strike action, all secondary schools in the district will be closed to students from Grade 9 to 12. All elementary schools will remain open, and Grade 7 and 8 students who attend secondary schools will also have classes.

OSSTF members will return to work on Thursday, Dec. 12.

In the latest round of comments made in the ongoing dispute between OSSTF and the government, a statement released by the union on Friday night offered to postpone the strike action and go into private mediation with the government in exchange for reverting class sizes to 22 students, eliminating e-learning courses and ensuring Bill 124 will not impede free collective bargaining. Education Minister Stephen Lecce released a response on Saturday, saying the government has made reasonable offers at the negotiating table.

ETFO work-to-rule

Today also marks the beginning of Phase 2 of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario’s (ETFO) Work-to-Rule Strike Protocol.

According to information on the ETFO website, Phase 2 of the Work-to-Rule protocol will add more items to the list of duties union members will not perform, including to “not plan any new field trips scheduled to occur before June 30, 2020,” “not distribute any memos/letters from a school and/or board” and “not prepare a bulletin board or school display if requested to do so by an administrator or supervisor,” among others.

ETFO entered Phase 1 of its campaign on Nov. 26, and “will continue until the labour dispute is satisfactorily resolved or ETFO’s Provincial Executive deems that further actions are required,” as per the ETFO website.

The RRDSB website will continue to keep parents and the public apprised of new information regarding current labour issues as it becomes available.