Kiosks now in place across Riverside

Press release

Riverside has introduced kiosks to perform our Covid-19 Screening. The kiosks have now been deployed at all our facilities.

Everyone entering the facility, including staff, physicians, visitors, contractors, caregivers, volunteers and students, is required to use the kiosks. The units will print a sticker for the current date stating that the person has been screened for the affects of COVID-19. If a person fails screening, instructions will be stated on how to proceed based on who was screened.

This move allows Riverside to remain compliant with Ministry of Health directives.

Long Term Care Homes

After screening at kiosks in Long Term Care Homes, visitors and caregivers must proceed to the Rapid Antigen Testing Clinics to ensure a test was taken in the last 48 hours.

Long Term Care Residents are not required to use the kiosks.

Key points:

  • Everyone (staff, physicians, visitors, contractors, care givers, volunteers, students) entering a Riverside property will be required to display a printed sticker
  • Instructions on how to use the kiosk have been posted at the staff screening sites
  • Instructions on how to add the QR code to iPhone and Android will be displayed
  • If you note a kiosk that is not responding or not printing, attempt to screen at another kiosk and inform staff

If a staff member notes anyone in a Riverside property not wearing a label, the staff member will ask them if they have screened; if not, the staff member will direct them to the nearest kiosk for screening. All staff will participate in this form of active screening to ensure everyone’s safety and offer assistance.

We are looking forward to this next phase of screening and keeping everyone safe.