School board to pass budget


The Rainy River District School Board is expected to approve a balanced budget for 2012-13, in the amount of $47,284,196, at tonight’s regular meeting.
The budget, which includes $2.5 million in amortization, was prepared with a projected enrolment of 2,619.6 ADE, which represents a 3.3 percent decrease.
It includes revenue from grants, tuition fees, taxes, and $1,174,760 in Education Program Office grants.
The revenue also includes draws of $1,475,408 from reserves from working funds and classroom to support additional programming requirements approved by the board.
The board’s finance committee noted several grants were negatively affected by the reduction of enrolment stability funding in special education, transportation, and supported schools.
Expenditures reviewed and adjusted due to declining enrolment were supplies and services, professional development, and staffing levels across the system.
Also at tonight’s meeting, which gets underway at 7 p.m. at the Education Centre, the board will hear a presentation about this year’s Sunset Country Regional Science Fair.