Salvation Army celebrates sweet history with annual Donut Day tomorrow

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

As a part of National Donut Day, anyone entering Salvation Army on Friday, June 3 will receive a complimentary donut, while quantities last.

Major Al Hoeft, Salvation Army PR officer says this time honoured event is in honour of the history of the First World War.

He says the “Donut Lassies,” who were Salvation Army officers and volunteers, became part of the military, and their role was to help support and encourage the soldiers.

They used the meagre resources they had to make donuts for those fighting on the front line.

“That way, the soldiers would have something to remind them of home,” says Hoeft.

He says the U.S. has had a national donut day since the ‘30s, and more recently, Canada has as well.

Hoeft says that the Salvation Army, often in partnership with local donut shops, work to remind people of Donut Day’s heritage and history.

“There’s lots of different ways of acknowledging Donut Day,” says Hoeft. “Not so much for the delicacy itself, but for the reality of what it’s meant in the history of the Salvation Army and how we use this as an opportunity to serve.”

Make sure to visit Fort Frances’ Salvation Army on Scott St. this Friday, June 3 for a donut.