Road work on track


Motorists irked by the detour at Central Avenue can rest easy—the work on Second Street East is progressing on schedule.
Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown told town council last night that the job has to be done by Sept. 13—but quite possibly the intersection will be re-opened by Sept. 7.
Brown noted all of the water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer work has been done, and the curb work, driveway crossings, and sidewalk have been completed.
As well, all of the granular ‘B’ material has been laid down on the road.
This week, the second layer of material (granular ‘A’) is being installed and landscaping is being done behind the curbs.
After Labour Day weekend, the asphalt should go down.
“There’s probably two days of asphalt work, depending on the weather,” Brown told council.
“That project will be open hopefully by Sept. 7,” he added.
The traffic lights were deactivated and the detour implemented back on July 8.
The work has included
upgrades to 277 metres of roadway infrastructure on Second Street East (between Mowat and Central) and Mowat Avenue (between Second Street East and Third Street East).
It also has included replacement and upgrades to 158 metres of the storm sewer system, as well as the replacement of 293 metres of watermains and other pertinent water infrastructure.
Some 285 metres of sanitary sewer lines and other pertinent sewer system infrastructure have been replaced, as well.
Over at the new Huffman subdivision, the entire building has been removed and the hole where the former school site was is being filled in this week.
Along Williams Avenue, all of the sanitary sewer, watermain, and storm sewer work has been completed, and the new watermain should go on-line today.
The property water and sewer tie-ins off Fifth Street East have been completed, as have the ones off Williams Avenue.
The main lines to service the new cul-de-sac also have been installed.
A pile of steel culverts and valves that have been taken out of the ground along Williams Avenue (currently seen on the property) should be moved off this week.
It will be sold as scrap.
Services have to be put into the lots this fall, which also have to be graded.
Two inches of granular ‘A’ also has to be laid down on Williams Avenue.
Asphalt and curbing will take place next year during the second phase of the subdivision work.