Riverside to seek community input

Press Release

Ontario is putting patients first by improving the quality and accountability of the province’s health-care system through the Excellent Care for All Act, which came into effect in June.
As such, Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. will be looking for community input over the next year as we implement some of the requirements and strengthen the quality of the services we provide.
The intention of the Excellent Care for All Act is to improve the quality and value of the patient experience through the application of evidence-based health care.
It will improve health care while ensuring the system we rely on today is there for future generations.
The hospital sector will implement these legislative changes first.
The legislation includes requirements for hospitals to:
•develop with public consultation a Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, and have it publicly available by June 8, 2011;
•survey patients, clients, and caregivers at least annually to assess satisfaction with services;
•ensure there is a patient relations process to address patient experience issues, reflecting its declaration of values;
•develop and make public an annual quality improvement plan;
•establish a quality committee that will report to the board of directors on quality-related issues;
•survey staff to assess satisfaction with employment experience and views about the quality of care provided by the organization; and
•link executive compensation to achieving improvement targets set out in the annual quality improvement plan.
The public can expect to see a survey mailed to their homes in early 2011, asking for their opinion on a draft Bill of Rights for patients.
As well, members of the public who need to visit one of the three acute care sites may be asked to participate in a survey for their opinion on the care they received.
Riverside appreciates the support we have received from the district in the past, and looks forward to improving the patient experience for the communities we serve.