Riverside starts staff ’flu shots

Press Release

Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. has launched its 2014-15 staff influenza shot campaign.
Staff will have access to the ’flu shot at all sites at selected times from Oct. 20-Nov. 13.
Riverside intends to at least match its staff’s noteworthy performance from the previous year.
Dr. Robin Williams, interim chief medical officer of health of Ontario, and Donna Stanley, manager of infectious diseases at the Northwestern Health Unit, recently acknowledged Riverside staff for their overall health care influenza immunization rate.
“In 2013-14, the median health-care immunization rate was 55.4 pecent and 78 percent for Ontario hospitals and long-term care homes, respectively,” noted Dr. Williams.
“Health-care worker immunization rates have been steadily increasing over the last four years,” she added.
“Staff working at Riverside’s sites in Emo, Rainy River, and Rainycrest all achieved a rate of 80 percent or above [while] the La Verendrye General Hospital saw a 79 percent rate,” Stanley reported.
“This is absolutely exceptional–this clearly demonstrates our staff’s commitment to patient and resident safety,” said Jodi Jewell, infection control practitioner for Riverside.
“Increased influenza immunization rates, combined with other preventative measures such as hand hygiene and barrier precautions, minimize illness and help us accelerate our recovery from outbreaks,” she stressed.