Riverside gets ready to welcome visitors and new admissions

Since yesterday’s announcement that outdoor visits could be introduced at long-term care facilities, the staff and executive of Riverside Healthcare have been busy creating a safe framework to put residents and their loved ones back together.

“The Ontario government recently announced a “cautious restart” by permitting visitors for long term care and new admissions from hospital and community to long-term care,” stated a press release from Riverside. “This cautious restart comes with considerable restrictions and requirements and requires development of policies and protocols in increased resourcing to facilitate these changes.”

Outdoor Resident Visits – Rainycrest, Emo, Rainy River
Our Homes are preparing for introduction of Outdoor Resident Visits in compliance with the Ministry compliance document that goes into effect June 18. Each Home’s Administrator will be in contact with residents and families once outdoor visits can be scheduled. Please be patient with our teams’ as they prepare to coordinate outdoor visits for you and your loved one.

Window Visits – Rainycrest
Effective Monday, June 15, unscheduled window visits outside of the residents room may commence. A barrier is being installed around the perimeter of the building to ensure that 6 foot physical distancing requirements are being respected for the safety of all. Unscheduled window visits are only permitted from 10am to 7pm, outside of resident meal times, and family are asked to wear homemade masks for each visit.

If you require staff support for your visit, please continue to schedule an activation window visit.

Admissions to Long Term Care from Hospital and Community
Admissions from hospital or community to long term care may resume once all requirements and strict admission procedures are met. Riverside is currently reviewing the Ministry guidelines and engaging with Home & Community Care to initiate the admission process.

We appreciate the impact COVID-19 restrictions have had on our residents and families. We ask for your understanding as we navigate these changes, in order to ensure that they are made in accordance with the Ministry guidelines and that the health and safety of all remains at the forefront.