River Walk Condominium project

The tender for the River Walk Condominium project finally could be awarded by next week, Fort Frances CAO Bill Naturkach said.
“We’re very, very close to making the award,” he noted Monday following a meeting of the Fort Frances Non-Profit Housing committee.
Tenders for the 32-unit project on Front Street closed Jan. 29, with Winnipeg developer Penn-co Construction Corp. providing the lowest bid of $4.4 million.
But the committee decided to review this bid with the developer and try to bring the cost down.
Members were presented with a number of details by the project manager and architect Monday, including several pages of design modifications and cost-cutting measures.
“We’re within one percent of the contract amount that’s acceptable,” Naturkach said.
He added he hoped they would be able to award the tender after their next meeting this coming Tuesday (Feb. 26).
After a tender is awarded, a meeting for stakeholders and the general public will be announced so project designers can go over the final cost of the development.
Even with the two-week delay in awarding the tender, Naturkach said he doesn’t think that will hold back construction.
“We’re still confident of the Oct. 1 occupation date,” he said. “We’re still optimistic that date is still viable.”