Rickford opens constituency office here

Sam Odrowski

Local MPP Greg Rickford officially opened his constituency office here yesterday at 279 Scott St.
“We’ll be offering the traditional kinds of services–some of them that you might, for example, get at ‘ServiceOntario,'” Rickford said Friday in a conference call with the Times.
“More importantly, where a provincial services has a complication, a service barrier, a challenge, or some sort of issue has arisen out of it, my office will be there to help you disentangle that,” he assured.
Rickford also is opening offices in Kenora and Dryden this week while “pop-up offices” will appear in Ignace, Emo, Rainy River, and potentially Barwick in the near future.
Rickford said these “innovative” pop-up offices will give residents in more remote areas access to the services they would expect at an MPP’s office.
“This is literally going to be a few containers of stationery and information packages and tools for us to open up an office anywhere for a day,” he noted.
Rickford also said he will be as present as he can be in these offices.
“I intend, when the House is not sitting, to be part of that service offering so that people can come in and see their member of provincial parliament regularly,” he remarked.
“It’s been a bit difficult over the past couple weeks as the House has sat,” Rickford conceded.
“But we will be rising soon and I’ll be in a position to do what I love doing best and that’s getting out and meeting face-to-face with constituents.”
Rickford told the Times he’s eager to get the offices running and start serving people in his riding.
“Service offering at the constituency level has been the hallmark of what I have delivered both as a . . . former member of parliament and what I intend to offer as a member of the provincial parliament,” he enthused.
“We have a great reputation and I have a great team of local people who are committed to serve.”
A grand opening is slated at the local office in the coming weeks, with more details to be forthcoming.
The Fort Frances office will be open Tuesday to Thursday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.