Reunion heading in new direction

Heather Latter

After another “less than desirable” turnout for last Tuesday night’s meeting to plan an all-inclusive Town of Fort Frances reunion in 2013, co-organizer Dave Ashworth said he and a few others have decided to take a different approach to the original idea, now pursuing a “musicians” reunion instead.
“There was maybe a total of four people who were willing to get involved and be on a committee, and it’s just nowhere near what we needed for the scope of what we were planning,” he explained, citing Tuesday’s meeting was a “last call” to get a committee together to plan the large reunion.
Ashworth originally had hoped to stage several events, such as a wine-and-cheese evening, entertainment night, and an interdenominational church service, held around July 4-7, 2013.
“Some of the initial talk was based around getting some of the bands from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s back together—and any of the entertainment at this reunion would have been along these lines,” he explained.
So it was decided the reunion now will focus on local bands from the past, aiming for two nights of entertainment on July 5-6, 2013.
Ashworth, who conceded his heart and passion lies with music, said they will start by compiling a database of local musicians from past to present.
“Basically, any band that has been around for a few years that is interested can be included,” he remarked.
“We’ll see who’s available and plan two nights of entertainment.”
Ashworth said if anyone still wants to plan some reunion-oriented events, there are a few people willing to help out as much as possible.
“We just can’t do it all,” he stressed. “This is the core of it for me, so I’ll approach it from this area and get some entertainment going for that weekend.”
Ashworth said they’ll accommodate any bands that are available and make as big an event as they can.
“We’ll approach it with the same gusto and enthusiasm as that event,” he enthused.
And as for a venue for the “musicians” reunion, Ashworth said it will depend on cost and the number of bands available.
“It could be anywhere from a local bar, auditorium, hall, or maybe even as big as the main floor of the arena,” he said, noting with plans this far in advance, he doesn’t anticipate having a problem getting bands.
“I’m excited about it,” he added. “I know bands are going to jump on.
“We love to reminisce, and we love to bring back memories and create new ones.”
Ashworth said perhaps at some point, the organizers might get back to the scope of what was going to happen.
“Whatever it’s going to be will be perfect,” he pledged. “I know it will work.”
Talk of the reunion first began after the creation of the Facebook group “You grew up in Fort Frances . . . if you remember” by former resident Al Beeber.
He started the page for what he thought would be an opportunity to talk about old times with a few friends from his days as the sports reporter for the Fort Frances Times.
But the group has continued to grow and now sports 1,438 members.
Ashworth said plans of the “musicians” reunion will be available on that group.
Or for more information, contact Ashworth at