Rendez-Vous salutes long-time server

Press Release

Paul Noonan, Sarah Noonan, and the staff at La Place Rendez-Vous would like to congratulate Gael Belluz for achieving a rare milestone in the hospitality industry.
She celebrated her 40th anniversary on May 1, 2018 as a server in our dining room.
Gael began her serving career at the Rendez-Vous in 1978, prior to any hotel expansions. Leo Noonan was her boss back then and Paul Noonan tended bar.
Things were simpler in those days. Orders were shouted out in the kitchen to Mary Sommerville and Marvel Smith.
Dinner checks were handwritten and calculated in your head, or a pocket calculator if one was available.
And you paid your bill in cash mostly, at a cash register.
Many of the customers Gael has waited on over the years have changed but her love of what she does, looking after people’s needs in our dining room, has not.
In addition to serving meals, she often will exchange friendly conversations with guests, whether old regulars or newcomers.
And on the rare occasion she has a customer who wants to be cranky, Gael will handle the situation diplomatically . . . most of the time.
As far as handling large volumes of traffic, Gael continues to look after our breakfast clientele entirely on her own on the mornings she works.
Even though Gael shows no signs of slowing down, her love of fishing and spending more time with grandchildren no doubt eventually will win out.
We are thankful for her many years of dedicated service, and we would like you–her customers–to join us in congratulations.