Recycling pick-ups may resume soon

After successfully bidding on a Northwest Ontario Recycle Association truck, curbside “Blue Box” pick-up could resume here as soon as July 22, with the town hauling recyclables to Koochiching County across the river.
Operations and Facilities manager Pat Hickerson said Thursday morning that the trial period could last four-six weeks as the practicality of the new system is assessed.
“We want to get the pick-ups going as soon as possible,” he noted, adding he’ll be very busy in the next few days determining guidelines for the curbside pick-ups.
“There will be revisions, such as how stringent we’re gong to be about taking wet cardboard,” Hickerson said. “And less types of materials will be picked up.”
The town also will have to work to educate the public on what the pick-up policy will be, added Hickerson. For instance, if a certain material is not picked up by the truck, a sticker will be placed on it, telling the resident why.
These changes are being made to be more cost-effective, minimizing time spent both at the curbside and less time at the Koochiching County Environmental Services plant.
Other details, such as scheduling, also are being sorted out, with the public to be notified as soon as possible, said Hickerson.
Hickerson also warned the truck, which cost $4,000 (plus taxes), has not been bought as a long-term solution. “We’re basically paying what it would cost to lease a new truck for a month,” he said.
The truck is 12 years old and likely will need some tuning up, Hickerson said, though adding the truck won’t be subject to as much wear and tear as it usually did since it only will be used within town (rather than making the trip to the plant in Dryden).
Hickerson noted that depending on what the town ultimately ends up doing, a newer truck would be purchased down the road.
In related news, the City of Dryden purchased the processing plant for recyclables there for $32,550 and one 12-year-old truck for $10,201.
The other three NORA trucks up for grabs did not received any bids.