RCMP not returning here

Rumours the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is re-establishing an office here are just that—rumours, said Sgt. Frank Kailik of the RCMP’s Thunder Bay detachment.
“I’ve heard it myself. You get police together and they talk,” he remarked.
“It would not surprise me that it could happen sometime in the future, but not in my career,” Sgt. Kailik added.
He noted Thunder Bay RCMP has worked the region ever since the offices in Fort Frances and Kenora were closed in the mid-’90s.
“But distance and time work against us. I, myself, wouldn’t mind seeing something back in Fort Frances,” Sgt. Kailik admitted. “But it’s not in my power to make that decision.”
Fort Frances OPP S/Sgt. Hugh Dennis said having an RCMP office here again would be most welcome.
“We already work together with them, along with Customs and CNR, in joint patrols, which are a great way to combine manpower, not only from a safety standpoint but to get ‘more bang for your buck,’” he remarked.