Rainycrest Long Term Care among provincial senior support funding recipients

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

From the steps of Rainycrest Long Term Care last Tuesday, Kenora–Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford announced nearly $653,000 in provincial funding to help seniors across the riding.

Minister Rickford said the investment to improve quality of living is a trajectory.

“It is an ongoing commitment,” he said. “We need to make sure our facilities have the right equipment and infrastructure to move forward.”

Rainy River District project funding includes $185,321 to Riverside Health Care for bariatric and specialized equipment to enhance safety, and $13,411.25 to Rainycrest to purchase bariatric equipment.

Kenora-Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford was at Rainycrest Long term Care last week, to announce provincial funding, which would benefit local seniors. The Rainy River District saw an injection of $185,000 on funding for a variety of initiatives. – Daniel Adam photo

A press release from Minister Rickford’s office says some of these projects will help residents get the care they need in their long-term care home without having to go to the emergency room or hospital.

“Initiatives like these ensure Ontarians are being connected with the right care in the right place, close to their family and friends,” said Long-Term Care Minister Paul Calandra.

The release went on to say that this work is built on four pillars: staffing and care; quality and enforcement; building modern, safe, and comfortable homes; and providing seniors with faster, more convenient access to the services they need.

Rickford, a former nurse, preceded Tuesday’s announcement by acknowledging the “extraordinary” work the District frontline workers have put in over the past few pandemic years.

“I know firsthand the kind of work that you have to do, the hours that you put in, the level of commitment, and most importantly, the level of care that you provide for people,” he said. “I appreciate it.”

Other funding in the riding includes $305,000 to Wiigwas Elder and Senior Care in Kenora for equipment repair, plus another $90,736 for specialized equipment to support residents for longer periods in long-term care. Pinecrest Home in Kenora will receive $58,200 to update their existing behaviour unit.

The funding comes from a new Local Priorities Fund operated by Ontario Health and is part of a $20-million investment in 189 projects across the province.