Rafferty lands post

Press Release

Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP John Rafferty has been appointed Official Opposition critic for the Northern Ontario Economic Development Initiative (FedNor) by NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.
“It’s a great honour and a great responsibility to have been asked by Tom to stand up for Northern Ontarians,” Rafferty said.
“Economic development and diversification in Northern Ontario remains a high priority for Tom and our party, but especially so following the 2008-10 recessionary period and the current recovery,” he noted.
Rafferty said his immediate priorities as FedNor critic will be to find out which local
governments and businesses have been affected by the recent cuts to FedNor by the Harper Conservatives.
“We know that $5 million in economic development grants, $1.5 million in day-to-day operations, and 15-20 job cuts have been announced for FedNor, but we need to find out when and where these cuts will occur to see what impact they will have on economic development in our region,” Rafferty said.
“Unfortunately, I expect the impact to be quite significant and quite negative,” he warned.
Rafferty was one of several appointments made by Mulcair at the unveiling Friday of his first shadow cabinet as leader of the Official Opposition.
Other prominent appointments included fellow leadership candidate Nathan Cullen (Skeena-Bulkley Valley) as House leader, and David Christopherson (Hamilton Centre) and Megan Leslie (Halifax) as deputy leaders.
“It’s a very competent and effective team that Tom has put together, and we will demonstrate to all Canadians, day in and day out, that we are ready and can be trusted to govern,” Rafferty vowed.