Rafferty acclaimed

John Rafferty will carry the NDP banner in Thunder Bay-Rainy River during the next federal election after being acclaimed as the candidate by party members this week.
“I’m very pleased the members in the riding have shown the confidence in me that the have,” Rafferty said this morning.
The party held three nomination meetings this week—in Fort Frances on Tuesday, Atikokan on Wednesday, and then Thunder Bay last night.
Rafferty was the only candidate to announce his intention to run prior to the meetings. While the NDP constitution allows for nominations from the floor, no others came forward.
“We are gearing up for an election,” Rafferty said. “I suspect it will be in the fall. We will be ready.”
Rafferty was the NDP candidate here in last June’s federal election, where he came second to Liberal Ken Boshcoff. He also ran in the 2000 federal election in Thunder Bay-Superior North, as well as in the 2003 provincial election in Thunder Bay-Atikokan.
Other parties in the riding also have named their candidates. Boshcoff was acclaimed as the Liberal candidate earlier this month while Russ Aegard again was chosen to represent the Green Party here back in April.
The Conservatives have postponed their nomination meeting for the time being. So far, David Leskowski, who also ran last year, is the only candidate to come forward.