Public school board salutes retirees

The Rainy River District School Board took time out Saturday night to say thank-you to its 16 teachers and staff members who are retiring this year as well as those who have reached 25 years of service.
“I salute those who’ve spent 25 years in the profession of teaching. Twenty-five years is a long time,” board chair Gord McBride told those on hand at La Place Rendez-Vous.
“[Your students are] going on to bigger and better things, and you should feel good that you have a positive influence in their lives,” he added.
This year’s retirees include Cynthia Bolen, Nancy Cain, Peter Chudobiak, Mary Cooper, John Dittaro, Nancy Fotheringham, Tom Fry, Jimmy Keesic, Marvin MacDonald, Dave Montgomery, Terry Quibell, Don Ricci, Robert Sawchuk, Shirley Shane, Cauleen Stanley, and Rick Wiedenhoeft.
They were honoured with stories from their co-workers, tales from friends and family, and even presents or stories from students expressing their admiration for a beloved teacher.
Meanwhile, Wayne Barron, Mary Lynne Bondett, Linda Hill, Sharon Kropelin, Gemma Lamonato, Walter Rogoza, and Stanley were honoured for 25 years of service to the school board.
“The most important thing I do over the school year is to thank people for so many years of service,” enthused Warren Hoshizaki, director of education for the local public school board.
Hoshizaki urged those who are retiring to consider using their skills in other ways, either by volunteering in the community or starting a business.
“In retirement you can be as busy as you want to be,” he said.
Reflecting on last week’s graduation of Fort Frances High School and Rainy River High School students, Hoshizaki said graduation was a time to remember how important teachers are.
“All of you should be very, very proud of the success of our students and know that you all had a part in making their dreams come true,” he remarked.