Prenatal education offered

the NHU

The Northwestern Health Unit is pleased to offer prenatal education in your community.
Attending prenatal classes will help those expecting a new baby to prepare for the birthing experience and parenting.
Topics discussed at prenatal classes include nutrition and exercise, lifestyle choices, infant feeding, labour and delivery, comfort measures and relaxation, and the role of the partner in the birth.
Prenatal classes are available in a group setting and individually, including refresher classes for second- and third-time moms.
When contacting the “Healthy Babies, Healthy Children” program at the Northwestern Health Unit, soon-to-be parents will receive a book called “Healthy Beginnings.”
Information on local community supports and services is provided to help parents prepare for the most important job—becoming a parent!
For more information about prenatal education available in your community and how to access it, contact your local Northwestern Health Unit office by calling 1-800-465-4377 or visiting