Police forced to kill bear

the OPP

On the night of Saturday, Sept. 11, Red Lake OPP received a complaint about a nuisance bear in Balmertown.
Police were advised that the bear was aggressive, and had charged a man while he was outside in the business section of town.
The man was not harmed at the time.
When police located the bear, it was in the backyard of a house on Fourth Street and could not be frightened away.
Police eventually dispatched the bear for the safety of the residents in that area.
A miscommunication with Ministry of Natural Resources resulted in a delay removing the body of the bear, which was picked up on Monday morning (Sept. 13).
The OPP and MNR would like to reassure the public that our combined efforts are altruistic and humane.
Dispatching a bear is considered a last resort, but becomes necessary when aggressive behaviour threatens human safety.