Pither’s Point beach open again

Pither’s Point, which had been declared “unsafe for swimming” Aug. 9 due to a high bacterial count in the water, was reopened over the weekend after two consecutive test results came back “clean” to the Northwestern Health Unit.
Further samples taken from Sand Bay last Tuesday and Wednesday were sent away to the public health lab in Thunder Bay. They came back late Friday with the good results.
“It was probably due to the heavy rains that washed stuff into the water. And then high winds, that did it some more,” said public health inspector Dave Coates, referring to the reason behind the high bacteria samples taken the week before last.
No other beaches in the district currently are closed due to high concentrations of E. coli bacteria.
Pither’s Point was closed twice last August due to high levels of bacteria in the water. This was the first time it’s been closed this summer.
E. coli, the strain of bacterium public health inspectors test for here, can cause skin infections and ear, nose, and mouth infections.
If ingested, it can cause severe ’flu-like symptoms.