Pharmasave ownership transferred to Shoppers Drug Mart

Elisa Nguyen
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Shoppers Drug Mart officially acquired ownership of Pharmasave on September 14, 2023. As new signage was introduced to Pharmasave, many residents have been curious about what change to expect in upcoming months.

Although speaking only from his knowledge, pharmacist Venkata Donthi Reddy said the former Pharmasave store will be renovated into Shoppers Drug Mart and provide more products for customers.

Overall, not many changes will take place on the pharmacy side of things. Reddy said current prescriptions will remain and the same staff will continue working on site.

However, the shopping experience will prove to be different.

“For prescriptions, there won’t be any changes because it’s already in the database,” Reddy said. “So it will be the same, they retain all the staff who are working for Pharmasave. At the customer point of view, there won’t be changes to the prescriptions, but yeah, the shopping experience might be a little different.”

When asked about when renovations can be expected to start, Reddy replied that based on what he has heard, there is no anticipated date.