Pharmasave offers Pfizer vaccines

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

Pharmasave in Fort Frances received a shipment of the Pfizer vaccine after the province stopped the use of AstraZeneca for the first dose.

Ashley LaFreniere, assistant at Pharmasave, said anyone 12 years of age or older can call them and have their name put on the waiting list for first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Regarding concerns during the early stages of the vaccine rollout on the temperature in which the Pfizer vaccine has to be kept in, LaFreniere said unopened vials could be stored in temperatures between 2 C and 8 C for 30 days, as per Health Canada’s announcement.

LaFreniere said they received 120 doses of the vaccine and they had about 336 people on the waiting list. LaFreniere adds that half of them had taken their vaccine through the health unit so they will likely be left with extra doses after they get through those on the list.

The province has already ensured that it is safe for those who had their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine to get their second.

LaFreniere said she has not received any calls from those who had their first dose concerned about adverse effects. However, the calls she received are from those anxious to get their second dose.

Those who received their AstraZeneca vaccine between March 10 and March 19 are now able to book their second dose, but with no vaccine supply at pharmacies yet, solicitor general Sylvia Jones asked everyone to be “a little patient.”

However, no date has been given to Pharmasave on the arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccines to finish off the second doses.

LaFreniere said she also asks those who have their names on the waiting list at Pharmasave and have already received their vaccination from the health unit to call them and remove their names. This ensures that they can get to those who have not had their vaccine faster, she added.