Pharmasave offering stress management clinic

How stressed is stressed?
Clinic Pharmasave is trying to help people find out how high their stress level is during a stress management clinic tomorrow from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Rainycrest auditorium.
To register for the clinic, which still has a couple of spaces open, call 274-6204 and book an appointment.
The assessment takes about 15 minutes and includes everything from a quiz which helps people identify the source of their anxiety to a blood pressure measurement, and finally tips on how better to cope with stress.
“We’re conducting a risk assessment. Stress is implicated in a large number of diseases. It is not a disease itself but it is a contributing factor,” Pharmasave owner Kim Metke said this morning.
Metke said the program is not a diagnosis but a way for people to evaluate their stress level and explore ways to better manage it in the future.
While he believes everyone knows what stress is, he said few actually take time to sit down and analyze the effect it has on their lives. Even more rare, he said, is looking for ways to reduce stress.
“If you feel overwhelmed by things, we want people to realize there are things they can do about it,” Metke noted.
“The major emphasis is on patient education. We want to raise awareness and to educate people about stress,” he remarked.
The clinic being offered was developed by Pharmasave’s national office and is just one of many programs that’s offered at stores across the country.
Metke said he hopes his store will host other classes, such as a clinic on heart health, this fall.